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Make A Customised Drinks Cabinet Out Of A Glass Display Cabinet

By laura Brereton January 26, 2023

Move over bar carts! It's time for a new approach to display your favourite spirits while entertaining in style. So, if you've been on the hunt for an attractive bar storage solution, let us give you a thought: convert a glass display cabinet into a drinks cabinet. It's a great solution if you've been looking for something vintage and interesting looking but coming up completely short.

What is a Drinks cabinet?

A drinks cabinet is a cabinet or cupboard to store alcoholic beverages, glassware, and ingredients for mixing drinks.

So you may ask, why to choose a drinks cabinet vs a bar cart. There are several benefits of a drinks cabinet.


Bar carts have an open concept leading to easy access by booze bandits. Drinks cabinets offer an enclosure with latch or lock detail to deter anyone interested in being the mixologist of your bar without your consent.

 Visual Display

Glass display cabinets come in a range of sizes and heights. However, if you prefer a taller height than the typical 91.44 cm (36" h) of a bar cart, this is a great option. A taller glass cabinet instantly becomes a focal point adding visual interest and space-saving functionality in a dining or living room when converted into a drinks cabinet.

metal pigeon hole cabinet


A well-styled bar cart is aesthetically appealing, but it's limited in functionality due to its open access. On the other hand, a drinks cabinet is quite easy to customize, even with its closed-inn status. Functional choices are abundant to fit your needs - drawers could be used for bar accessories, closed cabinets could store a small cooling fridge, and pigeon holes can adapt to accommodate wine bottle storage.


Never run out of your favourites again! Unlike solid cabinets, the glass display allows you to beautifully showcase your collection while keeping tabs on restocking needs by quickly seeing current stock on hand.

So, besides looking at aesthetics, pricing, and essential features - what should impact your decision? Consider these home bar drinker profiles to help you decide on a glass drinks cabinet based on your pouring style.

home bar and drinks cabinet the bantry glass cabinet

The Straight Sipper

In times of celebratory news or to unwind after a stressful work day, the bantry glass cabinet is the archetype for those who prefer one bottle, no matter the occasion, and sip it straight. Accordingly, their favourite bottle could be featured on the top shelf, while crystal glassware sits beautifully on the bottle shelf. The drawer is prime for storing small bottles of bitters for when they're feeling a little creative.

The bathak glass cabinet link perfect home bar and drinks cabinet

The Ultimate Entertainer

The ultimate entertainer is quite brilliant at accommodating every guest's drink preference. Whether they've committed the preference to memory from past sips-and-chats or stalked each guest's most recent social media cocktail post is their secret to keep. What won’t be kept secret is their great drinks assortment. For their vast and varied collection, the three-sided display of the Bathak Glass Cabinet allows for them to keep an eye on inventory levels while quickly accessing the specific bottle they're looking for to retain the ultimate entertainer title.

Shimla Glass Cabinet

The Connoisseur

The Shimla Glass cabinet is an excellent choice for the connoisseur of rare and vintage bottles. The glass panes allow for visibility while limiting UV rays. The enclosed bottom shelf is ideal for storing decanters and jars of infusions. However, the piece that makes it perfect for the connoisseur is the flat surface to serve at the top. With a bar top height of 102 cm, it's a great height to share and mingle over their latest and greatest: a vintage bottle of whiskey.

The Infusion Master

Drink infusions are rewarding since they don't require a lot of equipment and can enhance cocktails immensely. The slim profile of the Havana Glass Cabinet ticks all the boxes for the infusion enthusiast to show off their latest creations, while they properly age, providing a great visual display.

The perfect drinks cabinet for a home bar the havana glass cabinet

Any option you choose, you can’t go wrong with a glass drinks cabinet with enough space to organize the drinks, mixers, and bar accessories to keep things organized and easy to access. Browse our curated selection of Stand Alone Cabinets & Wall Glass Cabinet for even more options.

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