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Unusual Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments that are quirky and have a rustic feel are difficult to come by. These garden ornaments were handcrafted by artisans from scrap metal, proving that more creativity and personality went into creating these creatures.

The handmade metal colour butterflies and flowers are ideal for looking out the window to the back garden. These are great for the winter because they add colour to your garden even after the leaves and flowers have fallen. Small animals such as hedgehogs, storks, and chickens make excellent gifts for both men and women.

These little animals bring joy and happiness, especially during the summer months when people enjoy their gardens to the fullest. We also have a range of handcrafted bird feeders with little handcrafted birds attached to encourage other small birds to visit the gardens.

Metal Garden Ornaments for Your Garden

 Gone are the days of lawn gnomes as the primary garden decor trend. Instead, garden art or garden ornaments add lovely touches to your garden, patio, or yard, making spending time outside much more enjoyable. We offer many ways to accessorize your garden, most of which are functional, but our metal garden ornaments offer the perfect whimsy and delight. Think of these sculptures, decorative objects, and accent pieces from brightly coloured insect and animal figures to recycled metal planters as the finishing touches to make your favourite outdoor spaces shine.

 What Ornaments to Put in a Garden?

 Accessorizing your outdoor space adds eye-catching aesthetics to your surroundings. Start with 1-2 pieces from each category and grow your collection from there for a beautifully layered look in your garden. 

 Metal Animal Figures - Get a little quirky with our unique selection of insect and animal garden sculptures. We feature wall art figures and decor on stakes. Arrange them in clusters for a dramatic look, or use a single piece for a lovely moment. Choose different sizes from the same collection or mix-and-match species for a more eclectic garden design. 


Fish Metal Wall Art
Metal Art Peacock


Metal Florals: Metal plants and flowers offer a pop of colour when plantings aren't in bloom. When it comes to decorating, the addition of metal flowers and plants can help make a space look like it jumped off the pages of your favourite decorating magazine by placing a few among real flowers and plants. 


Poppy Flower Recycled Metal


Metal Planters: Bring some blossoms to your patio with decorative metal planters when the flowers are blooming. A display of vases and planters would also look smart on a colourful lacquer tray placed on your patio table.

Recycled Metal Pots


Lighting: A decorative lantern adds a nice glow to a nighttime outdoor gathering. Our collection of metal lanterns is unique with lovely finds. Depending on your preference, they can hold either a large candle or LED light. Place a few around the deck or patio, or line a walkway with hurricane lamps or candle holders. Most of our lanterns have a wire hook on top for easy carrying or hanging to illuminate dark spots in a garden.


Original Storm Lantern
Tree Lantern



How to Prevent Outdoor Metal Sculptures from Rusting?

 Whether you've purchased your treasures from us or elsewhere, we'd like to help you learn how to maintain your treasured garden art and help them last longer.  

 Most of our garden ornaments are upcycled from metal car bonnets, milk containers, and barrel drums, just to name a few. So they are upcycled pieces that give new life to discarded scrap metal which has had years of exposure to the elements. To keep them looking new, we recommend that you protect your garden decor with a coat of clear polyurethane and repeat the process each year.

 Polyurethane can be applied with a brush or a spray in a matte or glossy finish. It is inexpensive, plus it goes on in seconds and dries quickly. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for a safe and smooth application.


  1. Clean the item with a lint-free cloth and white vinegar-water solution, even if it's brand-new, to remove any debris that might prevent the polyurethane from bonding to the piece.
  2. Lay the item flat on a drop cloth to protect your work area.
  3. Apply a light coat of polyurethane and allow it to completely dry.
  4. Flip over and apply a light coat to the opposite side.
  5. For added protection, repeat the process.
  6. We recommend repeating the polyurethane treatment annually. 


How to Remove Rust from Garden Decor?

 For an eco-friendly rust remover, try soaking the item in undiluted white vinegar to dissolve the rusty metal form your garden ornament. After 30 minutes, scrub with a brush to remove any remaining rust. From there, let it dry and apply a protective coat of polyurethane. Be sure to let it completely dry before exposing it to the elements.


A few pro tips for protecting garden art and outdoor items from the elements:


  • If desired, spray paint with Rustoleum can work wonders for various items for preventative rust and a new dose of colour. 
  • If possible, store garden decor in a temperature-controlled area during colder weather so they last even longer and require less maintenance time.
  • Consider purchasing covers for larger art features that can't be stored indoors during colder weather. 

 A little bit of protection and a few minutes of your time is worth it, so your metal garden art is enjoyed for many years. If you have any questions about how to care for your garden ornaments, reach out, we're here to help!

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