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Bring The Outdoors Indoors

The outdoors has a naturally intrinsic appeal to humans. Like plants, we need vitamin D to feel and look our best. So how can we incorporate some outdoor elements inside of our home? The most common hack to bring the outdoors in is by bringing in plants to spruce up places and improve air quality. Although a brilliant idea, another option is to place a window mirror in front of a window that replicates the natural light. Allowing for much better and substantial views of nature, along with other benefits. These benefits can include reduced energy costs, increased mood and health, and added beauty to interior spaces. Below we explore five ways to bring the outdoors in with reclaimed window mirrors.

Image of mirror by Maria Orlova


Reflecting plants in well positioned Mirrors is a great trick to give an increased sense of light space in areas you want to 'open-up'' 



Colours Inspired by Nature

Green has a naturally inherent colour that reminds of grass, earth, plants, eco-friendly materials, and the best of the outdoors. Yellow provides a sense of freshness and renewed energy. While blues can instantly transport us to the seaside, in our mind at least. The reclaimed teak window mirror in a distressed blue paint finish will add a dramatic impact. Position to catch a plant's reflection to bring the look of lush greenery indoors, a great trick to open up space.

 Cornice Mirror

Select Eco-friendly Materials

Paint, wood, linens, and even furniture are all available in eco-friendly options. Incorporating earth-friendly products, including reclaimed pieces, will help the feeling of being closer to nature. A good example for achieving this are our window mirrors handmade from upcycled original door panels allowing each piece to feel wonderfully unique while being eco-friendly.

Reclaimed Window Mirror

Increase Natural Light

Natural light makes humans feel energized, plus it's free to soak up and easy to optimize in a space! To enhance natural light:

  1. Replace heavy drapery with lighter fabrics or sheers at architectural windows. 
  2. Keep windows clean and free from debris.
  3. Leave room between windows and furniture to allow the most significant amount of light to shine through.

Another trick is to add the illusion of more windows than initially designed. Simply position a window mirror across from a window to replicate the natural view and make the interior space seem bigger and brighter. Thus, letting in more natural light into the home and see the outdoors pour in.

Play Up A Gorgeous View

Bring in the outdoors by optimizing views of landscaping, pools, or nature as a whole in all of its beauty. Want to add an element of surprise for guests with a wow moment? The Dhaka Window Shutter Mirror won’t disappoint. The shutters are fully functional, providing the act of opening a window but revealing a mirror with a reflection of the beautiful view. 


Dhaka Window Shutter Mirror


Decorate With Fruits & Vegetables

The latest decor trend is decorating with food. Use lemons, limes, and mint for visual and aromatic outdoor inspiration. Place a curated bowl on a console table above a window mirror to achieve this effect and feel like every day is al fresco in nature-inspired Italian Renaissance painting. 


Create A Green Wall With Mirrors

Hanging green walls are an excellent feature for any home or space to easily incorporate the outdoors in the interior, but pair greenery with window mirrors for an even more impressive feature. Let nature and decor take over and turn your home into a refreshing paradise. 

Keeping nature in mind when sourcing products and decor items that positively affect the environment, will help to create a more sustainable world. At Home Street Home, we offer a variety of handcrafted, reclaimed, and repurposed furniture and decor items. If a reclaimed window panel mirror is on your list, browse our curated selection to bring nature indoors.