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Choosing A Bedside Table For Your Bedroom

Choosing A Bedside Table For Your Bedroom 

Reclaimed wood bedside locker next to bed in Dublin, Ireland
When styling our bedroom, the bed steals the show because it is not only essential but usually the most expensive piece in the room. But, equally important is what you decide to place beside the bed as it affects and supports the functionality of the bed and the entire bedroom. Plus, your eye is immediately drawn to the focal point created by the bed and pair of bedside tables, which dictates how aesthetically pleasing the bedroom looks. 

Historically, bedside tables were purchased in matching furniture sets. As a result, every piece had the same finish, colour, style and design, from the bedside tables to the bed to the chest of drawers. Some may prefer a cohesive approach to the look of their bedroom design. However, it has become increasingly popular to mix and match furniture pieces in the bedroom for a unique and curated look that can go modern, rustic, vintage or contemporary. This opens up endless options for bedside tables! With so many options, it is essential to consider the best size and shape for your bedroom as they are offered in various sizes and configurations.  

 3 drawer coloured bijou locker

How tall should a bedside table be? 

The top of your bedside table should be the same height as your mattress or about 5 to 10cm taller. It's much easier to reach above to grab something when lying on the bed than to reach down to grab something. Also, a taller nightstand prevents you from bending over while standing to grab something from it. Simply measure the height of the mattress and foundation box to determine how tall your bedside table should be. Use reverse engineering if you've found great bedside tables to find the perfect height bed to complement them.  


When shopping for a new bedside table, you'll also want to consider its width, depth, and how its size compares to your bed size. For example, if you have a larger mattress, a larger chest or bedside cabinet will complement a larger-sized bed. While a twin-size mattress might pair with a narrow bedside table instead. 

 Treillis bedside locker front view

How to style a bedside table? 

With the blank canvas of a bedside locker surface, it can be challenging to style it with essentials and decor in a way that works for you. There are numerous ways to style a bedside table, but following a few fundamental rules helps to create a balanced and elevated look.  


First, let's start with lighting to add ambient lighting. A table lamp can be ideal for grounding a space, but wall-mounted sconces free up bedside table space and draw the eye up. Now it's time for the essentials. Even if you use your phone for an alarm clock, having a timepiece on your bedside table can give your bedroom a timeless and luxurious feeling.  


If your bedside table doesn't have storage, incorporate a few extra pieces to conceal everyday items that need to be easily accessed. For example, trays, boxes, or even small bowls allow for a drop-spot for jewellery, glasses, or other daily essentials.   


Place a vase on your bedside table that can stand alone as decor and house fresh or faux greenery. Incorporating greenery next to the bed can be a great way to bring nature in and add a calming effect in a way only foliage can. Greenery looks great with any style table but works exceptionally well with a reclaimed wood bedside table. 

Holy bedside locker


What to have on your bedside table? 


A lamp for functional lighting or a candle for ambient lighting. 

 Night-time essentials 

Store lotion, medications, lip balm and any other you may need during the night. Use small travel sizes of toiletries that will fit into a drawer to lessen clutter on the top of your nightstand. 

 Carafe with lid 

If you often wake up feeling parched, keeping a carafe of water by your bedside is a good idea. 

 Small dish or tray  

They're convenient for eyeglasses, which will be easier to find if you put them in the same place each time. A small dish can also be used for jewellery, hair ties or earplugs, as you won't struggle to find them in the dark if you need them. 

 Reading material 

Keeping material close is helpful for those restless nights, whether it's a stack of magazines or the latest and greatest sci-fi thriller. Though you might be tempted to use your cell phone for reading in bed, opt for old-school paperbacks and printed magazines that won't mess up your sleep cycle from the glare of blue light