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Finding the Right Spot to Hang a Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror is an accessory, but it's also a basic necessity. A mirror in a room - whether it's the living room, bedroom or hallway- adds beauty to the interior space by illuminating and making it feel more open and spacious.

Finding the proper spot in which to hang a full-length mirror depends on your needs and the room. One that is mounted in the bedroom is excellent for checking in before stepping out. A mirror opposite a window reflects the lovely view of the outdoors; just make sure it's a view that's worthy of observation. Positioned horizontally above a table, headboard, or fireplace will make the room feel larger. A mirror can be purely functional or create a focal point in the room. Whichever you choose, it will offer light, beauty and create the illusion of a grander space, not to mention the convenience of a full-body appearance check.

Full-length mirrors come in a variety of designs with decorative frames to give them a unique look. A full-length mirror is defined with a minimum 121.92cm (48") length and goes up from there. While some full-length mirrors can lean against a wall, most are appropriate for mounting on a wall. Wall installation can be vertical or horizontal based on the space you intend to mount it. The golden rule determining a vertical or horizontal mount is to assess if it's going above an architectural feature like a fireplace or a piece of furniture. Place a horizontal mirror at eye level, approximately 145cm to 168cm (57 - 66"), from the mirror's centre to the floor. Adjust accordingly if the fireplace or table is taller than this allows by leaving a space of least 23cm (9") between the two. For a wall with no obstructions, vertical mounting is better. Mount it 20cm to 25cm (8-10") from the bottom of the mirror to the floor, adjust if the baseboard height impedes. In addition, ensure there is enough space to step back to see the full view.

Above A Mantel

An oversized, full-length mirror installed horizontally above a fireplace will add warmth and dramatic changes. In addition, it will help reflect the activities in the room. For a focal point above the fireplace, the Mahal Large Mirror doesn't disappoint. If the room has the height to support it above the mantle, its substantial scale and stylish frame will transform the living room.


Mahal large mirror



In compliance with feng shui, mirrors are thought to bounce energy around a room. Taking this into account, avoid placing a mirror directly in front of a bed if you have trouble falling to sleep. It may contribute to restlessness and amplify late-night worries. Nevertheless, every bedroom can benefit from a mirror in other locations. Finding the perfect size artwork for above the bed can be complicated. Use a mirror horizontally instead to illuminate the space and make it feel larger. In a vertical position, placed near a door, makes getting dressed easier. If wall space is limited to properly fit a full-length mirror, consider installing it behind the door or on the back of the door, provided there is enough space to step back and see the full view.

Secondary Bathroom Mirror

Most bathrooms feature a vanity mirror but lack a full-length mirror in the bathroom. Don't underestimate the efficiency and plain view of standing straight while shaving or applying makeup without a 24" depth counter in the way. Plus, it will help to get dressed much more manageable.

Above A Desk

If an office space lacks a window or has a desk that faces a wall, a wall-mounted mirror will help the place feel larger and reduce the element of surprise by not seeing who's coming up behind you when deep in work. This mirror should be hung 41 cm to 46cm (16 - 18") inches higher than the desk itself, so you're not always staring at your own reflection. The Marine Mirror is the perfect size to proportionately hang above a desk. While its wide wood frame offers a stately look.


Marine Mirror



Create a purely decorative centrepiece with a mirror placed on the centre of a rectangular dining table. Decorate with candles, food, fruit, or greenery. The mirror acts as an extremely large serving tray providing a brilliant and quite lovely aesthetic.

Above A Sideboard

A mirror above a sideboard, buffet, or credenza is a nice touch, no matter which room the furniture piece is located. If entertaining, the mirror will make the party feel pleasant and cosy. The Lamba Large Mirror is stylish yet substantial. The thin frame allows for the mirror to speak volumes in a room with overall dimensions of 102cm (40") x 193cm (76")


Lamba large mirror



A tight, dark hallway will significantly benefit from a strategically-placed mirror to reflect any available light and illuminate the space. The yellow patina finish of the Sahara Mirror helps to illuminate areas with its bright frame colour and the full-length reflection.


Sahara mirror



Okay, before saying no, hear us out on the benefits of a mirror above the kitchen sink. A mirror above a kitchen sink is reminiscent of 70's style pubs and restaurants, but it's having a fresh moment because of its functionality and the wonders it does for the kitchen. The person on dish duty will thank you for not facing a wall and the ability to see behind them. If windows are located across from the sink, it can provide the illusion of natural light at the sink. Plus, a mirror in the kitchen helps to reflect other kitchen surfaces, illuminating the walls. Or use a long window mirror to mimic a window.

We love to get creative and push the norms of typical placements of mirrors. However, there are a few places that full-length mirrors just don't work from a functional and aesthetic point of view. First, avoid hanging mirrors across from areas that will reflect clutter, bathrooms, or things you don't want to be echoed. Second, there are strong opinions out there about a mirror mounted on a ceiling. Our only thought is don’t mount it on the ceiling of a child's bedroom or playroom. Our last recommendation is to avoid placing a mirror across from a mirror to avoid a funhouse environment.