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Guide On How to Take Care Of Your Reclaimed Wood Dining Table.

Like most things in life, if you give our pieces regular care & maintenance,  there is no reason it should not last a lifetime. All of our pieces are made from solid Reclaimed Woods only - no MDF & no veneers - just beautiful, authentic reclaimed wood.   

We put together a care guide for your reclaimed dining table so that it looks as good as it does now for years to come.

12 Handmade Coasters

Use coaster, mats & tablecloths

First and foremost, the best way to avoid spill damage is to avoid it altogether. Beautiful table mat sets can be found that will enhance the features of the table while keeping the beauty visible. These will also protect the table from any hot dishes. We understand that accidents occur; however, there are numerous simple methods for removing watermarks that use natural ingredients.

Cleaning reclaimed wood

Clean up any spills right away with a soft cloth. Spilled liquids might leave residual mark . We recommend gently wiping over the top as crumbs of food might include oils that stain the table. We strongly advise against using any harsh chemical cleaning products, particularly those containing bleach.

For more intense stains

If you have stains from spills such as coffee or wine, we recommend using a Wood Renovator. Raviv'Jac is a fantastic brand that we carry both in-store and online. Brings back the natural colours of the wood. The substance penetrates the varnished and waxed surfaces without affecting the patina or sheen.

Apply Wax to keep it looking fresh

Reclaimed wood dining tables can dry out further when kept in a warm environment. We recommend rubbing the wood with Natural Bee's waxed or other natural furniture oils/waxes every 2/3 months to keep your table and chairs looking fresh and rich. We supply natural Beeswax and use it on all of our furniture.

Because of its unique mixture of Bee's Wax, natural Carnauba, and Candelilla waxes, this paste gives a deep and long-lasting dry sheen that emphasises the warmth of the wood's original colour. 

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Keep away from heat & Direct sunlight

We recommend avoiding heat (radiators) As you may know, the sun commonly bleaches objects; As a result, keeping your reclaimed wood furniture out of direct sunlight is crucial to ensuring that the colour does not fade.

Direct sunlight (conservatories/windows). you should also keep it away from heat sources like radiators since this may cause the reclaimed wood to fracture.

Lift the furniture instead of dragging it across the floor; this keeps the legs from coming loose and prevents damage.