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Is An Industrial Dining Table Suitable For A Home?

Industrial design experienced a significant revival, and it has proven to be a classic modern style with staying power. Industrial design borrows from utilitarian and no-fuss factory and warehouse elements. It is common in restaurants, pubs, and industrial spaces via exposed brick walls, raw finishes, and reclaimed materials.

However, it has gained popularity and become a go-to for highlighting architectural elements in a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom due to the sleek, contemporary edge it lends. The industrial look can be achieved through subtle accessories such as lighting, changing a shelf's texture, exposing a brick wall – or incorporating a centerpiece such as a dining table.

If you find yourself searching for an incredibly unique piece of furniture for your home, look no further than an industrial-style dining table.  It is an easy and failproof way to capture industrial style in your home. Below we look at ways to incorporate industrial style with a dining table that is a statement piece. Already have the industrial dining room table of your dreams? You might find a few fresh ideas to update the look. With so many different takes on industrial decor, there is a little something here for every home.


One of the most common reasons why industrial design dining tables are so popular is the uniqueness and utility they offer. With a raw, functional appeal, they translate to excellent furniture designs for the home that are hard to duplicate.


Canteen table straight side view


Another valuable aspect of an industrial dining table for your home is its extreme durability. The table base usually features black steel or cast iron that immediately identifies its industrial style. A steel base allows for sturdy and durable construction that is virtually indestructible in a home, allowing for years of enjoyment before passing it down to the next generation.

Varied Shades

Industrial-style dining tables are no longer just wood and blackened metal. If the neutral palette of wood, grey, and black doesn't work for your home’s style, have fun with some color. Wood tones can vary based on the wood species, which can instantly add warmth. Painted or patinated wood can add warmth and charm to the dining space for a more relaxed vibe. Why stop there? Look for tables with a powder-coated steel base in your favorite pop of color to turn up the wow factor.


Industrial design can run the gamut with wood options, bucking the trend of the traditional yet highly coveted, tight grain pattern. Wood dining tabletops can be a chevron, mosaic, or large plank wood pattern for one-of-a-kind pieces that incorporate industrial style while keeping it casual.



mosaic dining table side view


Historically, dining tables and chairs were sold as sets, but that isn't the case anymore. Feel free to mix and match chairs and tables. Mix two styles of chairs or introduce a communal approach with bench seating. Eco-friendly leather or leather-look is an oft-overlooked material that works great in industrial interiors for a more sophisticated look. Don't be afraid of sticking to one style, type, or finish. The versatility of industrial-style furniture pieces makes this possible and easy to achieve.
Harlequin Dining Table with Grooves product image

Mixed Materiality

Wood and metal provide a sophisticated, mixed-use look that defines industrial design. The addition of glass, stone, or concrete makes for an exceptionally luxurious theme with a neutral palette. To provide even more depth and warmth, accessorize with rugs and drapery in a minimalist approach.

If you are looking for excellent furniture design with versatility to fit your home's decor, consider these industrial design tables as your best option!