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Large Statement Mirrors Can Be Timeless in Any Interior

A large, oversized mirror is perfect for dramatic effect, adding visual interest to any room or interior scheme. Decorative wall mirrors are fantastic for many reasons--they reflect light, visually enlarge spaces, and make rooms look more polished. Of course, it's hard to go wrong with a gorgeous accent mirror.

We've rounded up our favourite tips for placing large statement mirrors to maximize style and function. Plus, we share a few of our favourite mirrors with the best eye-catching design that works for almost any space.

Go Big

Don't be afraid to hang a large scale mirror in a small space. Mirrors offer the illusion of added space and depth to make small spaces feel spacious. The larger the mirror, the more meaningful the design impact. In narrow areas, they work to make hallways seem vast. Look for the biggest mirror the intended space can accommodate in a complementary style to the interior's scheme. Small mirrors don't reflect much of the room; as a result, they don't add the same results.

Hang Mirrors Properly

Every mirror should be hung appropriately, but ensure a large, wall-mounted mirror is well supported. To ensure the mirror is mounted correctly, follow any instructions that come with it. Use picture hangers, wall hooks, or the included hanging hardware to ensure the weight is supported and that the mirror lays flat against the wall. If the mirror is too large, hire professionals to hang it.

Select By Room

Below, we've highlighted room-by-room tips to ease the difficulty of finding the perfect statement mirror. 

  • Bedroom: Lean a large floor mirror against a wall to provide a full-body reflection. The full-length mirror adds a luxe look, perfect for the master or guest bedroom. 
  • Family Room: Place a large rectangle mirror above a sofa or credenza to give a mirage of depth when short on space. 
  • Entryway: A large, attractive mirror creates a beautiful statement in an entry. Flank it with sconces or decorative wall hangings to create a lovely and inviting atmosphere. 
  • Bathroom: Bathroom vanity mirrors are essential. A large rectangle mirror hung above the sink with bathroom lighting on either side, as a vanity mirror imparts a polished look.

3 Statement Mirrors We Love

Wall mirrors are beautiful accent pieces, with something for everyone's style. Below, we've gathered some of our favourite statement mirrors to help find the perfect one for your home.

Mahal Large Mirror

Mahal large mirror

This lovely vintage piece features an eye-catching frame that rivals options available at top furniture stores. Unfortunately, a mirror of this scale is rare to come across. The Mahal Large Mirror offers a stylish yet neutral design that complements most interior schemes with a cream and grey patina finish. Hang it in any room to add instant sophistication and a high-end look.

Darpan Mirror


Darpen Large Mirror


The Darpan Mirror is a refined and handsome mirror finished in reclaimed teak wood. The dark wood and the reflective surface of the mirror creates a stunning contrast around the large mirror. This Art Deco-inspired mirror works beautifully in a living area, dining room, or hallway.

Large Rustic Louisiana Wall Mirror

Large Rustic Louisiana


Similar to its namesake, the Rustic Louisiana Wall Mirror gives off a charming, genteel vibe. With a simple moulded frame, the charm exudes from the large scale and the beautiful blue patina finish. While it can complement almost any interior space, it can add a chic appeal to a living area or entryway. For instance, placed on a white plaster wall with a de-saturated, minimalist colour palette.

More to Reflect

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