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Practical uses for sideboards in your home and how they can be statement pieces

When a sideboard is in a room, it commands a presence. But does it have practical uses for your home while still being a statement piece? A resounding yes! Its practical benefits include dinner service assistant, display case, and additional storage, to name a few. Generally, it features an unobstructed top surface with a mix of drawers, cabinets, and/or shelving below the surface. It may or may not include doors that slide or swing open.

If you're searching for reasons to add a new sideboard to your home, consider these ten practical benefits. Once you've made space for it, in any room of the house, you'll get extra storage and a statement piece to showcase your sophistication.

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  • Curated Décor
  • Think about topping your sideboard with bowls, vases, candles, greenery, books, and mini sculptures. Curate and show off your personal style by grouping an odd number of decor pieces on each end or in the middle to create a balanced look. The trick is to incorporate pieces of varying heights and shapes to keep the look visually appealing.

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  • Dinnerware Storage
  • Whether setting the dining table for a dinner party or everyday dinner, opening a cupboard and finding the proper crockery is inefficient. A sideboard will keep your dishes, plates, and casseroles organized and easily accessible. It saves time, and you will be able to concentrate on perfecting your recipes rather than searching for a perfectly sized plate.

  • Display Collectables
  • Awe inducing collectables deserve a prominent display place. Instead of a pricey award case, a sideboard is a chic place to exhibit them. Simply stand them proud and tall to admire them daily. A vintage piece could be perfect for this task.

  • Clutter Organizer
  • Concealed storage can be used for organizing cluttered items systematically and out of sight. For this reason, a sideboard works well in a home office, crafts room, or hallway to store documents, papers, extra cords, that instruction manual from 10 years ago, magazines, and more in the drawers and cabinets.

  • Ambient Lighting
  • Overhead lighting can be harsh, bright, and unforgiving when it's not required for a task. Adding lamps and lights on the top surface is a great way to add ambient lighting to a room. Ambient lighting casts a great glow, creating a flattering lighting effect and adding a new result to your room's décor.

  • Anchor
  • Placing an art piece or framed mirror above a furniture piece is called "crowning." Placing a sideboard or other piece of furniture below an existing wall-mounted accessory is called "anchoring." Anchor, and balance, wall-mounted pieces to draw the eye to this area of the room and protect it from accidental bumps and nudges.

  • Happy Hour Depot
  • A sideboard is an ideal piece to store pricey bottles of single malt and scotch. Create a bar mixology station on the top and store the bottles underneath in the cabinets.

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  • Hospitality Service
  • Tea/coffee making facilities on a sideboard works excellent as a self-serve hospitality area. Be sure to protect the top surface of your sideboard for this purpose e.g. coffee rings, tea stains. Plus, the drawers and cabinets help keep the cups and sugar sachets from cluttering the top.

  • Toy Chest
  • Kids playrooms are great... when the clutter is unseen. If your child's playroom does double duty at different times of the day or is a central focal point in your house, a lightweight sideboard with a fun design will be just the right purchase for displaying and organizing toys when not in use.

  • Kitchen Aide
  • Sideboards are renowned for their attractive solution, but the top surface is perfect for extra counter space in the kitchen, too. Who can refuse extra counter space in the kitchen?