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Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table - Transform Your Living Room

A coffee table is much more than a standard piece of furniture in the home. It's the centrepiece of the living area, it balances the living area, and it's a workhorse for so many gatherings. Introducing a reclaimed wood coffee table into your space shows that you have a bold, individualized taste. It also contributes to an environmentally conscious approach to better living. 

Reclaimed wood is simply utilizing wood from a previous application and repurposing it for a second life cycle. Reclaimed wood can be lumber sourced from barns, ships, wood flooring, just to name a few. Today, repurposed wood furniture is readily available to beautify our home interiors. One of the most popular pieces for reclaimed wood application is coffee tables. Below, we describe the benefits of transforming your living area with a reclaimed wood coffee table

6 Benefits Of A Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table


Environmentally Conscious

Utilizing reclaimed wood is one of the best sustainable practices we can easily incorporate into our daily lives. So if becoming more eco-friendly is on your list, this choice is excellent and easy to implement right away. Giving a second life to once utilized wood or wood products reduces landfill waste, reduces deforestation, and reduces carbon emissions from creating a new piece. Plus, reclaiming wood is usually a hands-on process that makes and keeps jobs for furniture restorers and artisans.


Quality vs Quantity

Reclaimed wood coffee tables are often unique and one of a kind pieces. Which makes it an excellent piece for your home if you don't want a piece of furniture that everyone can quickly get their hands on. Plus, the quality and construction are durable. Although the wood was previously used, it doesn't mean that it becomes less stable during the repurposing. On the contrary, reclaimed wood is a natural and solid material that can last for years.


Durable construction

Solid wood is a heavy material, so reclaimed wood coffee tables usually feature durable construction. Due to its heavy weight, furniture restorers focus on repurposing the piece with a secure base and support system. That is why many reclaimed pieces feature a metal base and fixation parts for a solid foundation to support the weight. The solid support system helps to keep the table sturdy over the years.


Timeless decor

Wood is one of the most popular and universal options for design. Plus, its long lifeline allows the look to be timeless and never go out of style. Wood will always play an integral part in interior design, and reclaimed wood adds individualism and a creative outlet for your interior space.


Variety of shades, tones, and finishes

Reclaimed wood can come in a variety of paint colours, finishes, and stains. From weathered wood to a patina finish, finding a coffee table that works well with your living area’s decor won't be hard. The hard part will be narrowing down your options. 

 Check out our handy guide to choose the perfect coffee table for your space for tips!

 Endless design integrations

If there's a will, there's a way to seamlessly integrate reclaimed wood into your interior space. It integrates easily into rustic and industrial design rooms. However, reclaimed wood can incorporate into a modern space with some imagination by keeping the overall palette neutral with pops of colour.

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