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The Best Coffee Table Options for Your Living Space

While much emphasis is placed on the perfect sofa, the coffee table is truly the anchor of the living room and deserves just as much consideration. Coffee tables function as surface space but also as a centrepiece of the room. When choosing the perfect coffee table for your living area, consider options that will complement your space and lifestyle. Find the ideal dimensions of the coffee table for your space with our handy guide. Then, consider your design preferences. Since coffee tables are constructed in various materials, finding the best one for your living space can be challenging. To make the search easier, we narrowed down some of the best coffee tables by category.

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables are popular because glass helps create a feeling of airiness. Glass tabletops highlight the architectural design of the table's base, or they can showcase the beautiful rug pattern or wood floor below. While beautiful and versatile, keep in mind that glass is more fragile than other materials, and a glass surface requires regular cleaning to remove smudges and fingerprints.

We favour this glass coffee table option with a sturdy wood base because of its decorative glass surface, protected edges, and it doesn't easily show water rings.

Ship porthole coffee table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

Wood coffee tables are popular, but not all are created equal in terms of design. Weathered wood can add a rustic look, while high-end wood finishes add a contemporary, modern look. Tables with wood bases are typically sturdy and with a high-quality construction that can double as extra seating. 

Kota coffee table

Metal Coffee Tables

Metal coffee tables offer utility, beauty, and durability—think trunks or industrial-type storage constructed with metal and wood like our half barrel coffee table recycled from an oil barrel and updated with a Mango wood flip top. While some coffee tables are constructed in all metal or steel, most of them utilize metal as a frame or trim piece with another material, e.g. wood, glass, or marble to diffuse the utilitarian look, allowing versatility for a wide array of decor.

Half barrel coffee table

Marble Coffee Tables

Marble is known for its timeless appeal. In addition, marble is well noted for its durability, long life-cycle, and versatility. Combining marble with metal or wood can contrast or soften its appearance. White marble is a popular choice for a classic look or to create contrast against darker-coloured flooring and furniture.

Storage Coffee Tables

To save space and reduce clutter, coffee tables with storage are great option. It's a great place to keep extra throws and pillows. Or games for game night. Storage comes in various sizes and styles: drawers, shelving, and concealed compartments. Some versions feature adjustable lift-top storage, with a hidden storage compartment, to meet different height demands.

Writer desk great coffee table and storage table

Nesting Coffee Tables

Whoever made nesting tables famous again is a champion of urban and small space dwellers. Nesting tables allow one or two tables to tuck under another, making them perfect for small spaces to save space or for the versatility of table options in larger rooms. Separate or stacked together, they look great. As needed, separate the nest of tables and position them around the room for easy access to drinks and nibbles; when people leave, pop them back in the nest to save space. Nesting table sets are available in various shapes to fit your space: round, square, and rectangular, featuring glass, wood, or stone, or tabletops.

Pygmies nesting table

Coffee Table Sets

For a uniform look, coffee table sets are the way to go. They include a coffee table and matching side or occasional tables. When furnishing a room, starting with a set may be ideal for keeping the design minimal and cohesive. In some sets, pieces can be purchased separately, allowing the addition of tables as the budget and space allow or to switch out as you find options that better suit your needs and look of the room.Madhyam storage trunk