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Types of Glass Cabinets To Decorate Your Living Space And Their Attraction

An important factor in displaying your prized collectables is making them look stellar in your home. As the saying goes, if you've got it, flaunt it. This same ideology works in selecting a glass cabinet to decorate your living space. It goes beyond how it can display valuables but also how the piece can enhance your living space. This is where glass display cabinets take centre stage. Below we discuss the different types of glass cabinets to choose from.

Tall Glass Cabinets

These glass cabinets are tall in height and best suited to rooms with high ceilings or add the illusion of height to a low ceiling room. Tall, vertical glass cabinets provide that and more. This type of display typically features two or more sections of glass. With a base height of 106.68 cm (42"), it commands a presence in a room and showcases collections at a height that they won't be missed. The Ranch Glass Cabinet is a taller stand-alone cabinet that fits the bill seeking a glass cabinet with height and presence.

Ranch Glass Cabinet

Display & Storage

Sometimes we may want to keep some of treasures our goods hidden from plain view or protect them from sunlight and harmful UV rays. Glass cabinets with a mix of glass and wood offer a great combination of display and storage. Unlike full-frontal glass cases, though, people can't view what's inside from different angles. This makes them an excellent choice for displaying attractive valuables and space savers. Having both in one piece helps to reduce clutter and doesn't require you to place objects, not for display in a safe place. These pieces can be vertical or wall-mounted. For example, the Aztec Teak Wall Hanging Glass Cabinet features a glass door to display everyday items on the inner shelving with a drawer on the bottom to store any objects away from prying eyes.

Aztec Wall Hanging glass cabinets

Wall Mounted Display Cases

If floor space is premium and you have walls with open space, seize the opportunity to fill them with wall mounted display cases. It's the perfect antidote for open shelving. Not only will they store and display items like shelving would, but a display case will safely secure them while decorating your walls.

Beryl Glass Cabinet link to product

Freestanding Display Cases

A freestanding glass cabinet is perfect for items you want to draw a lot of focus on, plus it's multi-functional. Not only does it beautifully showcase collectables, but it can double as a media stand or console. The flat surface on top allows for it to do double duty in your living space, which is crucial when adding a piece that takes up valuable floor space. To draw even more attention to the item, consider employing decorative elements on top of the piece and using it to anchor wall art or a wall-mounted mirror. The raised profiles on the Forest Glass Cabinet encourages you to use the flat surface for decor or other items to display.

Trophy Case

Museums have conditioned us to think that anything encased in glass is deemed unique and valuable. Thus, anything enclosed in a small trophy case would lend the same thought in a home. These cases are small enough for placement on top of a counter or tabletop. For this reason, singular and exceptional items are often the best to put on display here for, despite its more diminutive stature, it's sure to draw attention in the best way possible. The hard part is determining which item to choose...a sculpture, artefact, or fine china.

Trophy case cabinet


Display cabinets with a secured entry are ideal for items that only deserve a look, not a touch. Our Sunflower Glass Cabinet is not only bright and cheery to beautifully decorate a living space, but it features a lock detail for the safety and security of displayed items.

These features may be singular or multiple in one piece. Browse our current selection to find the right piece that is functional for you and transforms your living space.