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Getting Ready for the Holidays?

By Ed Donnelly December 04, 2020

As you open your doors to your favourite facemasks this year, make sure that your home is all dressed up in the holiday spirit. There’s no need to worry; with just a few touch-ups, you can achieve the perfect motif for your celebrations this season!

Clean in, and clear out

Winter is not the time to live with the discord, so a quick cleanup is order of the day. Stash the kids' toys inside wicker baskets and lodge them in their rooms. Stuck for some extra storage space ? Make room in closets by clearing unwanted items or cloths to donate to the local charity shop. 

Scan the common spaces, plump up the pillows, and be creative with extra seating if you're expecting guests. 

Find magic in the miniscule

There's no need to be extravagant about the motif. In fact, you can reuse your autumnal decorations by filling up centre tables with foliage and brightly-lit candles. Pick up fallen pine coats and dab them up with gold colours for a magical feel. No flowers? Place twigs in glass vases and decorate them with tinsels. Slip on new covers for your cushions. A boring family den? Bowls of chestnuts, vases of flowers and a curated set of books will make a table more interesting.

Make rooms smell like holidays, too! A fragrant diffuser with the scent of thyme, nutmeg and pumpkin spice instantly livens up the space.

For a real Christmas kick, try our fab Audrey Hepburn Diffisuer Range from RowanBeg Studios (Connemara) - They have even made a Mulled Wine Scent

Plan your menu

Roll your sleeves; it's time for the real work to be done.

The kitchen simmers with the lovely scent of apples and cinnamon, and the hunger-inducing smell of butter-glazed chicken. Whether you have a guest list set for dinner, or you just wanted tonight a bit more special, it is always best to have ample cooking time ahead of schedule.

(Platters of nibbles are a great way to stave off the pressure of cooking for a big dinner party – whether that be for extended family on the Christmas day, or entertaining friends over the holiday period. Hors D’Ouvres of smoked salmon or cheese go well with pre dinner drinks – keeping guests relaxed and occupied, as you prepare the meal itself.  ) 

The perfect table setting

After roasting the turkey, making the pie and baking the bread, it’s time to take the final step: table setting. Put your forks to your left, knife and spoons on the right. Flatware? Perch your bowl on top of the dinner plate, then top it up with a printed napkin. The dessert spoon crowns the placement. Put the glass on the top of the knife and spoon, and voila! You are ready to go.

Decorations? There is no need to overdo it. An abundance of festoons surrounding your well-planned menu is enough to put a smile on your guests’ face.

Pull out your favourite linens and pair them with plaid runners, reminiscent of the scarves that keep us warm on a wintry day. Then, set the table aglow with candles. Arrange them according to height, or put together a variety of shapes and sizes for a bit of eccentricity.

In search of the perfect candle holders? We’ve curated a delightful series enough to keep your tables radiant all winter season! Shop our collection here.


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