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Choosing a Glass Cabinet For Your Home - The Do's & Don'ts

Glass display cabinets developed a stereotype over the years. Their prominence in the opulent design era of the 70s with sunken living rooms and plush, velvet sofas gave them a chic, high-end status. Like all good things from the 70s: denim bell-bottoms and platform shoes, glass display cabinets are making their way back in a way that fits today's lifestyles and homes.

Functionally, glass cabinets are an ideal way to store valuable collectables and belongings. Stylistically, they excel at highlighting special, curated items in your home in a statement making piece of furniture. We think they've always been a win in any home and enjoy upcycling glass cabinets from the past and giving them a new life. Let's explore some do's and don'ts to consider when choosing the perfect glass display cabinet for a home, shop or office.

Leaf Glass Display Cabinet

Before we dig into the do's and don'ts, let's talk about what a glass display cabinet is and isn't.

They are available in many styles, sizes, and variations, making it challenging to settle on the perfect option. Typically, glass display cabinets have a combination of glass/wood or glass/metal. The frame is made of wood or metal for durability and sturdiness, with glass panes on the front and sides. There are many options for storage solutions, too. Some pieces feature a combination of concealed and visible storage solutions. There are also options for a complete display  solution with all contents visible, even when the doors are closed.

Benefits Of A Glass Display Cabinet:

  • Whether placing it in a home , restaurant or retail store, they are helpful to keep things organised. 
  • In contrast to open shelving, the frame encases valuables making them more secure and less prone to clumsy hands.
  • Ideal for keeping things as per your needs. You do not have to search for something, as transparent glass cabinets allow you to easily track things needed for use.
  • Generally, people prefer to use them to keep the items they want to show off and show others in a refined way. This could be trophies and awards, showpieces, artworks, artefacts, or other items of value and prestige.

DO: Consider the Space 

Display cabinets briefly went out of popularity due to the minimalist movement. Urban footprints are smaller and required scaling back on larger pieces of furniture. Before investing in a spacious display cabinet, it's necessary to check the space available for the intended piece. While it will be the star of the space with its statement-making design, it needs to fit in the room and play well with the other furniture. If you have limited floor space or large pieces of furniture already occupy the room, check the dimensions and max size requirements that can be accommodated. 

Tip: Utilise wall space! Some great glass display cabinets are wall-mounted vs freestanding, which can save precious floor space.

Snowy Wall Glass Cabinet


DO: Consider the Room Style

There's a running theme with all of our design articles; consider the style of your living space. We’re all for cohesive design decor. So, we include it again! The glass cabinet you choose should seamlessly complement the rest of the interior, too. A vintage cabinet like the Emerald Glass Cabinet would look great in an interior with an eclectic vibe or add a pop of colour to a monochromatic industrial space. However, it may not be the best option for an ultra modern living space. The cabinet's finish and materials also need to be in sync with the rest of the furniture.

DO: Consider Storage Needs

Choose the display cabinet depending on what you want to store and display. If not interested in showing off anything and prefer more concealed storage, look for options with less glass. The Bhoora Glass Cabinet features the perfect mix for minimal display and maximum storage. 

Shine Glass Cabinet Single Door

DO: Think Outside of the Room

The idea of home décor has changed as rooms aren't as regimented to certain furniture pieces. The Fire Glass Cabinet is perfect for additional kitchen display and storage. You can easily keep all your kitchen items inside these cabinets. Since it features glass, you can quickly know where you put serving bowls or the tea set. Plus, keeping kitchen items in a clear view encourages them to be stored in an organised and clean manner.

DON'T: Think It's Hard to Keep Clean

While glass is known to quickly get dirty and dusty, don't let this put you off of owning a glass piece. Since it's made of glass and wood, you don’t have to put too much effort into cleaning the glass display cabinets as opposed to an all-glass display case. A regular lighting dusting of the wood and swipe of cleaner on the glass is all that is required to keep your piece looking its best.

DON'T: Be Afraid to Bring the Drama

Whether it's your office, home, or store, they add a unique style and glamour wherever you place it. Museums have conditioned us to think of anything encased in glass as prestigious and one-of-a kind. So these pieces definitely add visual interest to a room while objectifying the inner a good way!

Beryl Glass Cabinet Double Doors


DON'T: Hate the Glass

The great thing with glass is that if a piece has too much visibility, it can easily be customised with a vinyl film. Frosted or patterned vinyl film is a great way to keep some transparency while displaying your items but reduce visibility. Vinyl films are easy to apply and remove without damaging the piece. Plus, if you hate seeing dust and debris on glass, vinyl film is a great way to reduce the sight of it. It's also great for objects that need reduced access to sunlight and harmful UV rays. 

Home Street Home offers a wide variety of reclaimed and vintage glass display cabinets. With our curated and updated selection, you can find the perfect cabinet for your home.