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Make A Statement with These Stunning Large Round Mirrors

Round mirrors definitely make a statement. The circular shape adds to the appeal with its symbolic and extensive meaning of totality, wholeness, and timelessness. Plus, it’s just a refreshing take on square and rectangle mirrors that have dominated interior decor for many years. It’s easy to understand their appeal over angular shape mirrors. The curved shape helps break up all the angular pieces of furniture in a room while bouncing light around a room to create a bright, airy space. This modern trend isn’t going away any time soon. Below, we take the guesswork out of incorporating a stunning, large round mirror to transform a space.

Selecting the right size of a round mirror depends on several things. The width and height of the mounting wall, the length of furniture below the mirror, and the desired impact. A round mirror can easily skew too small or too big. After considering scale and proportion, determine if the mirror will significantly impact or play a background role. It is easy to assume that a large round mirror will be impactful, but it can also blend into the background to make the room appear larger. With a frameless option, it would not command much attention as smaller round mirrors with contrasting frames.

Unlike a rectangular mirror, a round mirror does not need to be as widespread as furniture located beneath it. Here we explore some guidelines for each mounting opportunity:

  • Living room: The most popular option is mounting it above the fireplace, but a large round mirror works well hanging over the sofa. Mount it 20cm to 30cm (8 - 12”) above the top of the sofa. Adjust for higher ceilings or a high back sofa.
  • Entryway: Place a round mirror above a console table in an entry or hallway. Hang this mirror 15cm to 20cm (6 - 8”) to allow space between tabletop decor and the mirror.
  • Bedroom: The bedroom mirror is practical. Placing a round mirror above a bedroom dresser anchors the dresser and maintains the usefulness of the mirror. Keep the same spacing as a console table when mounting above a dresser.
  • Bathroom: A round mirror mounted above a vanity offers a welcome reprieve to the traditional rectangle and oval mirrors often seen. When mounting a round mirror, hang it a minimum of 102cm (40”) from the bottom of the mirror to the floor. With a round shape, the reflection surface is reduced compared to a rectangle shape. Avoid mounting it too high so you have excellent visibility.

Ready to install a round mirror? We’ve selected two of our favourite round mirrors for a simple way to transform a space.

Large Round Chapatti Pan Mirror

The Chapatti Pan Mirror will impart a wow moment in any room. The reflective mirror against the hammered silver frame creates a stunning statement piece. With a diameter of 111cm (44”), this mirror would work well in a hallway, bedroom, living room or dining room. 

chapatti round mirror

Porthole Mirror

The elegant frame of the Porthole Mirror is a nice nod to those found on boats and ships. However, the pared-down design of this piece makes it suitable for non-seafaring adventures. This mirror adds style and charm to rooms with a nautical scheme. 


Original porthole round mirror


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