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Display Cabinets - What Should You Select To Exhibit

By laura Brereton March 15, 2023

Styling glass display cabinets is a balancing act of function and form. When choosing which objects to display, one rule of thumb is to keep functional pieces used daily easily within reach. Then mix in beautiful pieces to allow for a practical and aesthetically pleasing display. A display cabinet is the perfect piece to highlight pieces of function and beauty. Here we share six tips for curating the ideal exhibit in your display cabinet!

Stunning Vintage Milky Wall Glass Cabinet

Odd Number Groupings

When styling objects, vases, treasures, and trinkets, create groupings of clustered objects ranging in texture, size, and shape. With double glass doors, think of it as two columns - divide the cabinet into two groupings per shelf for a more creative and eye-catching display. Also, use an odd number of pieces per grouping, so it doesn't look too symmetrical. Remember, these are just tips. You can start with pieces and arrange until you find the perfect balance. Glass display cabinets are fun to organize to make them appear artful versus utilitarian.

Green and yellow colour display in glass cabinet


Some of our loveliest pieces remain hidden in closets and drawers. A few that come to mind are cookbooks with artful covers, handmade gifts, one of a kind pottery, and antique silver servingware. Books, pottery, vases, bowls are all great to display because they are form and function. Any collections that have been hiding in a closet or storage bin, show them off! To create visual interest, stack them together or lean them on each other to create varying levels of height.

Solid Color

For a fresh approach, you almost can't go wrong by choosing a single colour for all objects on display. Rows of pieces in a single colour look pretty on their own. Or select pieces that are in the same colour family for a monochromatic look. In this case, even if the arrangement is messy, it somehow looks organized with the same colour or colour family represented.

Front Storage Pot

Display Your Storage

Canisters are excellent storage devices and display nicely. It's great for loose items or small items with multiple iterations that need containment within the display case.

Meadow Wall Cabinet front view of wood vintage cabinet

Less Is More

It is normal to be daunted by the idea of curating a glass-front cabinet, especially if this is your first go. However, you don't have to be naturally tidy to have great looking exhibits. Glass display cabinets actually help you stay tidy. Choosing naturally neat items that don't require so much effort, such as stacks of dinner plates or rows of glassware, will help. The items are both useful and lovely on their own. Which brings us to our next tip, display items that you use daily.

 Mini Calabash tealight holder

Use What You Display

Don't just display things to display them. This space is coveted and has a high real estate value. In a home with a smaller footprint, you may not have that luxury to waste space nor does it make sense. Everything behind those doors should be something you use. Maybe not on a daily basis, but weekly or monthly is a good starting point. Also, homes with an open floor plan may have less walls to support freestanding pieces that take up floor space. If you don't have space for a floor cabinet, consider a wall-mounted cabinet for extra storage where needed for items used daily.

A little creativity is all it takes to create a great looking exhibit in your glass display cabinet. Whether you use them to display glassware or vases, they offer an easy way to bring color and interest to your kitchen. Not to mention, additional storage. View our current selection of display cabinets with options to suit every style and need.

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