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The Perfect Way to Pick A Small Bathroom Mirror

By laura Brereton April 13, 2022

Most people don’t actually focus on the bathroom mirror; we’re usually enthralled by the various things being reflected before we really look at the mirror itself. As a result, bathroom mirrors are a decorating detail with very little attention given. However, they deserve more attention, whether in a guest bath, powder room, or ensuite. Besides making it easier to manage personal grooming, the right mirror will add much-needed style and personality.

Something to think about, it’s much more economical and less challenging to invest in a new mirror than to switch out a sink or shower. A bathroom mirror can complement current decor with a bold style or be understated to let features like wallpaper or vanity bowls shine. There are countless options for size, shape and type, so this article reflects on ways to select a mirror for any bathroom.

Tips For Choosing the Right Bathroom Mirror

The advice below will help achieve the preferred look in the bathroom. However, remember above all that it’s vital that the mirror looks good to you since you’ll be using it every day.

  • Examine the sink size, your own height, and wall space – When choosing a bathroom mirror, it should be at eye level to accommodate the tallest person using the bathroom. However, it needs to hang low enough that shorter individuals can easily see in the mirror, too. 
  • Small, large, and medium-size mirrors all offer something different – Some people have a preference between small and large mirrors, but either works well; it just comes down to preference. A large mirror offers more significant reflection space and can make a small bathroom seem larger. A small mirror leaves room for décor items like sconces or artwork.
  • Consider framed and frameless mirrors – Frameless mirrors have a clean, stylish look that feels more modern. Framed mirrors add extra details and can quickly fill up space.

 Selecting the Ideal Size 

Generally, the size of the bathroom mirror size is based on the length of the vanity. Mirrors are typically 5cm to 10cm (2 - 4”) smaller than the vanity but can vary depending on the style and configuration. Hang a mirror along an entire length of the vanity, or choose something smaller for placement directly over the sink(s). Another point to consider is whether the mirror has storage. The mirror needs to be large enough to hold everything required for everyday use. The Ocean Hanging Small Cabinet is the perfect mirror that offers great size and scale above a sink, and it features storage. Temple mirrors are another excellent choice for a small guest bathroom.


Small Ocean Cabinet



Vintage temple mirror


Shape Matters

Bathroom mirrors are available in various sizes, shapes, and finishes, so it’s easy to get creative. Traditional options feature an oval or rectangular shape, while more modern options include round and geometrical shapes. The Mehran Mirror is a worthy small scale mirror with a unique shape. It would work perfectly in a powder room or a small guest bath as a vanity or secondary mirror on an adjacent wall.


Mehran Mirrors grouped together


One Large Mirror Or Two Small Mirrors

A bathroom with a wide vanity, especially with two or more sinks, can accommodate a single large mirror or two smaller mirrors placed above each sink. The deciding factor is preference and the layout of the bathroom. Choosing two smaller yet taller mirrors can draw the eye up to feel like the room has a lovely height. Even with a single sink, multiple, smaller mirrors can be incorporated throughout the bathroom to achieve the look.


Grouped Persian together


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