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Reclaimed Wood Sideboards - What They Add To A Room

By laura Brereton March 15, 2022

If you're searching for a new sideboard, now is the perfect time to opt for a green solution with reclaimed wood. Aside from being fashionable and environmentally friendly, below are a few reasons why a reclaimed wood sideboard is a stellar option for your home.


One of the key benefits a reclaimed wood sideboard adds to a room is a green and eco-friendly design element! Reclaimed wood furniture is environmentally responsible because it preserves our natural timber resources for future uses. With less cutting and usage, trees will have more time to grow. This allows for trees to become older and thus more durable, resulting in better quality timber available for construction. This older timber lasts longer and offers greater versatility when it is cut for production, extending the lifetime and functionality of wood and wood products that we use for years to come. Reclaimed wood is sourced from existing products such as barns, sheds, gym floors, wooden boats, and other structures no longer in commission. Repurposing wood for future use reduces waste from discarded lumber in landfills. An often overlooked benefit is that wood used to construct barns, ships, and such, is very durable to begin with, and has not reached the end of its usefulness, making it perfect for its second act as your sideboard. 



Another benefit of a reclaimed wood sideboard is its adaptability. It pairs well with various other design styles. It's the ideal companion to any interior design style and a stellar way to add contrast and visual interest to any room in your home. It will be a task to try and match reclaimed wood to existing finishes in your home so embrace the contrast. This works rather well because reclaimed wood sideboards work brilliantly with contrasting materials and finishes, especially wood and metal. These materials give your furniture a defined style that pushes the boundaries of contemporary design.

City Lake Sideboard


Rustic Integrity

A design trend that has proven staying power and presents itself every year is rustic decor. There's no better way to define a rustic interior or introduce a rustic element than with a wood sideboard. Reclaimed wood furniture adds character and authenticity to every room. It has a natural aged and worn look with imperfections and other signs of wear and tear that tell the piece's history, providing a distinctive style that will leave a lasting impression on your home's interior design.

 Sand Dresser Sideboard





Suppose you prefer furniture pieces that feature a timeless look and will last a lifetime versus poorly constructed and trendy. In that case, a reclaimed wood sideboard is the perfect investment piece for you. Most reclaimed wood sideboards can be treated or stained with non-toxic finishes to protect and enhance the wood's natural character. This allows your furniture to uphold its unique appearance for years to come. Even as your lifestyle needs change, your sideboard will be protected. 


Escape 9 drawer Farmhouse sideboard dresser



Most people would be thrilled to have a one-of-one, or highly rare, piece of furniture in their home. A reclaimed wood sideboard allows for this opportunity, usually at a fraction of the cost of rare and coveted furniture pieces. Plus, it bursts with character and charm as no two pieces will ever be precisely the same. Your sideboard would be an original masterpiece with an exclusive story. Whether you want to use your sideboard in your living area, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room, you'll add something original yet beautiful. 

Gujarat Console


We also have some beautiful wood kitchen and dining tables and coffee tables to allow your entire home to benefit from reclaimed wood furniture.


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