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Shekwati Doors - New pieces coming to Home Street Home in 2018

By Ed Donnelly March 04, 2018

For the past few months, we have been working really hard at finding or developing the best pieces to bring you in 2018. Here is a wee flavour of whats coming 

Shekawati Doors 


The symbolism of Doors has been prevalent throughout history. Since Doors were first seen in recorded history on paintings inside Egyptian tombs. The Roman god Janus was the god of doors and doorways, and also the god of beginnings, endings, transitions, gates, gateways, and time. Doors still continue to symbolize all of these elements today.

Our photos show some examples of Shekhawati Doors.

Shekawati is a region in Rajastan famous for it's highly skilled craftsmen who still produce these stunning pieces.Wood carving is a highly developed art form in Shekhawati which is famous for its intricately carved wooden doors, windows and furniture.  Door frames and shutters are carved with geometrical and floral patterns and plated with brass. 

Shekawati is a confederation of several Thikanas, . A Thikana is  the name given to the lands of the Thakur. A Thikana would be very similar to Irelands old Chieftan Tribal system.  

Most towns had a Garh (fort) as the nucleus with habitation all around enclosed by fortification walls with bastions, crenellations and huge gateways. Subsequent to setting up of the fort and temple, other parts were colonized. Merchants and other communities were invited to settle. 

Shekhawati is one of the richest artistic and architectural regions of India. The different types of traditional buildings, structures and associated spaces. 

The main feature which distinguishes the architecture of Shekhawati from that of other areas in Rajasthan is the presence of frescoes painted on the external and internal walls of most buildings. 

Designs of doors vary across towns. The main doors of forts and of some of the havelis are massive with a small wicket gate and strengthened with metal plates, nails and spikes for security. The door leading to the inner court of a haveli is usually the most beautiful and most intricately carved. 

Original Doors of 100 years old or more are quite rare, but thanks to the fact that these carpentary skills have survived, these doors are still being restored or reproduced. We are developing a number of pieces with Shekawati Doors - Kitchen Cabinets and Glass topped Coffee tables.  

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