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It's the Simple Things

By Ed Donnelly June 14, 2018

Our 2018 Collection is almost complete with the arrival of the fruits from our last sourcing trip.

Sometimes it's the simplest that get us excited.

As an example our new Zinc Containers, originally used in Bakeries or as Storage Containers by Street Food Vendors. We found a batch of these, all beaten and bruised , with years of grime build up, in the corner of a scrapyard. We were lucky enough that we were able to handpick over 30 of these wonderful containers. A  fantastic natural zinc patina, which can only come with age. 

Zinc Planter Zinc Planter

A flame was used to melt the grime, with alot of scraping  - then, a good clean down, polish and buff.  Polishing is essentially to remove/reduce oxidation and to improve the quality of the Zinc by adding protection or removing stained, dirty or dull areas

We see them being used as Planters, Umbrella Stands, Waste Bins or even in Bar/Retaurant Smoking areas. 

Our Chapti Pan Mirror has gone through a similar lifecycle and process. Originally used as Chapati Pans by Street Food vendors,measuring 107cm in diametre, and as you can see from the in-store photo, well worth the effort.

We could only get our hands on just 4 pieces, but in our humble opinion, we think they are just stunning Mirrors - 3 together, hung on a wall in a Bar or Restaurant would look amazing, but equally, just one in any home would definitely have an impact. We are on the hunt for more of these!


Other small pieces from the new collection we are ridiculously excited about - our 'Temple' Mirror - used a shaving mirror by Monks. 

Shaving Mirror  

Small Chapati Boards - Cheese or Charcuterie boards perhaps ? 

Cheese Board

These are just a few of the smaller pieces from our new collection that we are delighted to have found and can now bring to you. You can view the complete new Collection here. 



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