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Home Street Home Top 5 Tips to Infuse Vintage Décor into Your Own Space

By Ed Donnelly October 21, 2018

In a world that constantly clamours for the fast and the fashionable, homeowners are often lured into purchasing new things. Old, precious keepsakes are thrown in the backburner to make way for the trendier aesthetic. However, you don't have to lose your own sense of creativity among the trend. In fact, you can use your age-old decor and incorporate it into your interior theme for a more personalized look.

Vintage decor radiates with warmth and nostalgia. The lines and the texture of the wood speak with strength and memories. The rusted parts of metal shines with archaic glamour. The small chips and dents speak of a unique form that one cannot find with any other material. In it, you can explore preserved stories that can virtually uplift a room.

Home Street Home Top 5 Tip to Infuse Vintage Décor into Your Own Space

1.    How about Shabby Chic?

Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor

Derived from the mix of coastal and cabins, this motif shines mainly through the old, worn-out items pieces of furniture that are reused in new ways.

Perhaps it's the thought of frugal cottage owners who made better things with what they have. The spirit of shabby chic is casual, comfortable, and cheery, allowing you to use stained slipcovers, controlled clutter and handmade items into your space. Here, distressed furniture – like old dressers and stools– become a crucial part of the design.

2.   Go Eclectic.

This theme of mismatched pieces is often portrayed as a jungle of styles, but it doesn't have to be messy.

The archaic vibe of this interior beats with the things you love, but you can keep it balanced. Keep that Ornate mirror  that mid-century modern armchair as long it balances the interior's overall look.

Confused where to start? Don’t be!! Put them in an appropriate space – and scale – next to each other. Use nature motifs and throw them in with patterns. To lessen too much colour, stick to white or solid-painted walls.

Shabby Chic Cabinet

Our Turquoise Jali Cabinet sitting nicely as a backdrop to this customers stylish modern eclectic look.  

3.   Embrace the Cottage Living.

Cottage style Shabby Chic

Most of the furniture in cottage-themed homes are recycled or collected from family heirlooms. Rooms feel wonderfully lived-in, thanks to recovered tables (link) that can be used as desks or handmade fabric pieces that are manipulated into quilts.

Windows are light and airy, with panes left bare and valances in lace and fabrics. Here is when accessorising feels like magic!! Go on, put out your collection of amazing china, beautiful music boxes, rustic picture frames, and treasures that might otherwise be found in flea markets.

 4.    Try the Farmhouse Approach.

Farmouse Dining Table

This cosy decor brings you back to simpler time, where country and industrial mix with a masculine flair. In this theme, everything is handy and practical – not too much of the fuss.

Crates become important storage spaces that could also add character to a room. The kitchen is the heart of any home…. An old harvest table lit with industrial light overhead creates an atmospheric and warm kitchen.

We recently used these salvage ammunition crates for a custom built Floor to Ceiling Shelf unit - we will have more on this project in our next blog soon. More of an Industrial twist than Farmhouse - but you get the idea( : 

Add reclaimed woods for a hint of history into the home, or make use of any exposed wood beams that provide a stunning architectural detail that will intrigue your guests.

5.    Get Inspired by Industrial.

Industrial Stle Kitchen Decor

Chunky red bricks, raw concrete walls, high and lofty ceilings, wooden planks and steel accents; all these make up industrial style where you can easily integrate vintage items for more charm. The warmth of aged wood and the rustic sense of old metals is favoured by green design enthusiasts.

How to get the look? Wood furniture with nicks, chips and scratches adds an authentic charm to the space. Metal windows, railings and galvanized steel for lighting combines nicely with the wood. Leave the exposed pipes and beams as they are. For a touch of cosiness, add a set of reclaimed chairs or a farmhouse dining table to your living and kitchen space.

The Vintage Décor Wrap Up

Trendy does not always mean new. Your space will become more valuable once you fill it with items and things you love. Take a page off these looks and easily incorporate vintage décor into your home.


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