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How to Pick Remarkable Types of Wall Mirrors

By laura Brereton August 19, 2023

Mirrors are the perfect hybrid of style and task. They serve a decorative purpose, yet they're also essential to prepare for the day before stepping out. Plus, they can make cosy rooms feel spacious and illuminate dark spaces and areas. We're checking in with the top do's and don'ts of hanging mirrors with remarkable results.


Kala hanging hallway mirror and cabinet


Ideal Spaces to Hang

  • Above the fireplace: Position it at least 10 cm to 13cm (4-5") above the top of the mantel. However, if you have other items decor on the top of the mantel, mount it higher to not reflect the back of these objects.
  • In a foyer: The entryway is the first impression guests have of the interior scheme. Place a mirror directly above a console table to evoke an inviting feeling to this area. Plus, it's the perfect opportunity for a final look before heading out.
  • In the bathroom: Many bathrooms feature frameless mirrors mounted directly on the wall leaving much detail to be desired. Simply add a frame around the mirror for added visual interest. This option is much less expensive than removing the existing mirror from the wall and attempting to patch and cover the wall damage. The Mehran Mirror is ideal for amping the wow factor in the bathroom. Its broad frame surface and irregular mirror shape present a refreshing take on bathroom mirrors.
  • Limited wall space: Place a full-length mirror on the back wall of a door. Just confirm that there is enough room when stepping back to take in the full view.
  • Over complex surfaces: Don't fret if the wall features tile, glass, or concrete. Just grab the proper tools to hang with appropriate hardware as if installing it on drywall.


Cornice large mirror


Hanging A Mirror

  • An entry hall deserves a mirror that acts as a beautiful accent piece and as a tool to make the room look larger and brighter. 
  • A living room with southern exposure is ideal for making the most of cosy afternoon light. Place the mirror opposite the window to take advantage of the natural light. If it's a bedroom or a room you want to capitalize on early morning light, try the adjacent window.
  • The living area is one of the best places in the home for large dramatic mirrors, especially if there's a beautiful light fixture to help it illuminate the room. However, if it's a chandelier without lampshades, the reflection can be glaring.



Marine mirror large mirror


Mirror Hanging Hacks

  • Stick to your preferred interior decor style. If your style is more rustic, overlook a thin metal frame and opt for a mirror with a wood frame from reclaimed wood. The overall aesthetic matters when choosing the right style, shape, and colour mirror for the space.
  • Group together like art. Arranging multiple mirrors on a wall, like artwork, is an easy way to add character. However, too many mirrors can overpower the space, so just make sure to hang them in the same manner as artwork, with scale and proportion taken into consideration. Equal distance and a rhythmic flow between the placement of each mirror is essential.
  • Short and tall rooms can benefit from vertical mirrors, while long rooms do better with a horizontally-mounted mirror.
  • Think twice before mounting a mirror on a wall with graphic wallpaper that has a lot of patterns. The wallpaper can create a sense of movement in the room, and a mirror positioned on it will create a funhouse effect.
  • One risky mounting location shouldn't be attempted by one person: Mounting a mirror on a ceiling. If a ceiling mount is critical to the design's success, consider hiring a pro to safely and securely mount the piece.

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