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Letting the Light In – Some Tips for Getting the House Ready for Spring/Summer

By Ed Donnelly May 10, 2019

Letting the Light In – Some Tips for Getting the Home Ready for Spring

Thinking of an interior upgrade? There's no better time to spruce up your home than the Spring/Summer season. April showers, May flowers; the sunny weather is sure to bring you a lively cheer. It's just proper to echo the beauty of nature inside your favourite spaces, and here are the many ways you can do that.

Bring in the greens. Recycled Metal Pots  with lush leaves tucked in the corners don't only add a nice splash of colour. It also pulls in unwanted CO2 and breathes out fresh oxygen for you to inhale. A few more ways to decorate with plants: lush ferns hung on macramé and ceramics, or charming succulents placed on your centre table.

Recycled Metal Pots

Flower power. If you have a garden, fresh-cut flowers will immediately transform your living spaces. It's one way to decorate with your favourite vases, but you can also keep it minimal. Slip blooms into Vases & glasses of various sizes for that soft, kitschy look. 

Spring is in the colours. To brighten up the room, switch the moody palette into adorable pastels, or the sea-inspired blues, greys and whites. Layer colours for the maximum effect. Throw in similar shades of prints and patterns for that sprightly spirit. 2019’s favourite colours: mint, lavender, teal.

The airier, the better. Loosen up cramped rooms by rearranging the furniture. Need an update on the walls? White is always in style – but don’t forget to add a burst of spring vibe by adding a feature wall, or a wallpaper. Mirrors are a great tool to reflect light for an airier space. Even better, Window Framed Mirrors are a great optical illusion, with a reflection of some plants or flowers they really work well. You can really feel you are looking out into an outside world of lush gardens – well, maybe after a glass of Rose or 2!

Add some texture. Forget the thick curtains; now is the best time to welcome the sunlight. Our suggestion? Go sheer. For the floors, a colourful rug  ties in the entire look of the space into one solid design. Humdrum walls? Drape them with tapestries. Decorate the kids’ bedrooms with bunting. Remember: handmade is better.

(Metals make sense. The remarkable shine from these materials adds a sense of luxe in the room, so don’t be afraid to incorporate this to the rest of your accessories. Vintage items invite a sense of nostalgia – like precious keepsakes wrought from the old. Or if you really want to bring the outside in, what about a fun piece like our Colourful Wall Butterflies handcrafted from Recycled Oil Barrels.

Bask in the beauty of your garden. Spring is the best time to put out a lovely bench on your patio so you can enjoy the flowers sprout from their shoots. Create a teatime nook where you can spend the afternoons meditating outdoors while watching the sun set. If you’re into hosting crowds, why not celebrate the change of season with a blast of fun music and barbecue? We’ve got just the thing for you – our Kadai Fire Pit Bowl.

Hardware extraordinaire. Unexpected pieces provide great aesthetics for your outdoor sanctuary, like our re-salvaged iron water pump that comes with a wooden top. Small knickknacks add character to boring spaces, like a wooden pots, ceramic bowls and antiques, which beautifully complements the soft colours of spring.

Beautiful handmade items and well-thought key places; get your home ready for spring from the inside out by using these tips.


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